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Trouble & Strife:
Chances Limited Book 2

Elizabeth Percival is sweet. Professionally. She left behind a life of stifling luxury to work in Cadwell's chocolate shop. After over a decade, she's itching to take over. She's not about to let some broad-shouldered brawler mess it up. Even if he does have biceps to die for.

Sidney Chance isn't an enforcer...anymore. After a decade of smacking heads together in the name of the Chance Brothers, he's lieutenant to the city's most powerful family, but he's not sure what to do with himself. Sid's made some bad choices, but maybe the worst is mooning over a girl who keeps making good choices for him. Suddenly he has clean socks and wooly sweaters, and he's not sure he minds, exactly, but it's not doing his fearsome reputation any favors. But one taste of sweetness isn't enough.

Can Sid convince Elizabeth he's worth the trouble?

This high-heat romance is 27,000 words ending in Happily Ever After.

It can be read as a standalone.

Edited by Erica Russikoff.

Content Warnings.

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