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Hammer & Tongs:
Chances Limited Book 1

Isaiah emerged from the underworld of Birmingham as head of the notorious Chance Brothers Limited Company. Their control of the city is razor-thin. Isaiah can't be any less than perfect to keep the peace. He has no time for distractions, especially not his newest employee.

Brighid just wants to keep her head down and shoe horses. She's worked as "Arthur Bell" for nearly a decade, and she's been gone from Birmingham nearly that long. But the Chance Brothers have the largest stable this side of Cheapside. Even better, she can make Isaiah blush with just a glance.

Isaiah and Brighid's unexpected attraction threatens their carefully constructed personas. Which of our competent heroes will come out on top?

Fans of Peaky Blinders will love this fast-paced and heartfelt high-heat historical. 23,000 words with a guaranteed Happily Ever After. 

Edited by Erica Russikoff. 

Content warnings. 

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narrated by Sally Roughton

Isaiah and Brighid are brought to life by Birmingham-born narrator Sally Roughton.

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International Editions


Forjado a fuego

Spanish edition, translated by

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Big man, Isaiah Chance. He drinks whisky unwatered. He pays wages on time. He rogered the daughter of a marquess. He killed a man for money. He killed a man for free. I heard he has a real Bugatti. Wipes his nose on silk. He’s got two bastards in two counties. He’s a bastard himself, or a devil. But he’s our devil. 

Hammer & Tongs, Chances Limited Book 1

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