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Content Warnings by Book

Updated: Mar 11, 2021

You may want to be aware of the content of my books for your reading comfort. Not every content warning will apply to you, but I would like to do readers the courtesy of tipping my hand. Spoilers abound, proceed with caution!

Chances Limited Series

Hammer & Tongs (Cis heroine is initially presenting as male. She maintains her masculine presentation throughout the book but switches to she/her pronouns. Gender identity discussed on page. On-page penetrative sex, including anal sex. Positive depiction of a side character who engages in sex work. Mention of past trauma, specifically war [WWI]. Violence and threat of violence, including a street fight. On-page consumption of cigarettes, alcohol, mention of cocaine. Mention of animal neglect. All animals are fine in the end and no one dies.)

Trouble & Strife (Hero is a recovering alcoholic. Addiction mentioned, and sobriety. Alcohol appears on-page but is not consumed. Cocaine is mentioned, but not shown on-page. Hero is bisexual and has a coming out scene on page, wherein he is affirmed and supported. Mention of past trauma, including war [WWI] and domestic violence as a child. Death of a romantic partner many years prior to the start of the story. Chronic illness. Chronic pelvic pain, including minor discomfort during and after sex shown on-page. On-page penetrative sex. Heroine is plus-sized and recollects fatphobia from a past doctor. Mention of religion [Quakerism].)

Wishes & Horses (TBD)

Nicolette & Dorothea

Budding Romance (On-page sex. Age gap of 10 years: one heroine is 36 and one is 46. One heroine is initially nervous about being read as queer; she is affirmed and accepted. Mention of religion [Catholicism, Anglicanism]. Alcohol.)

Blooming in the Sun (On-page sex. Age gap of 10 years. Mention of Catholicism. Mention of past fear of discovery as queer leading to a lavender marriage. Fear of homophobia from a side character's family. Alcohol. Brief discussion of past death of a loved one).


Worth the Wait (On-page sex; first sexual encounter for one heroine).

Nordic Daddy (On-page penetrative sex, including anal sex. Contains children, but does not contain pregnancy. Heroine explicitly does not want to be pregnant.)

Bump in the Night (On-page sex, food insecurity.)

Even if you may not understand why I included some of these, I hope they are helpful to my readers.

Love always,


Updated March 2021


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