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Romances with Swedish Heroes

Hello, darlings!

Nordic Daddy is out today. It's a short (7K word), steamy romance ending in Happy For Now. A lot can happen on a coffee break. A busy executive learns to slow down with an enigmatic Swedish single dad. Over just a few days, our MCs rethink everything they thought they knew about life and love.

Annika likes to keep these trips strictly business. But big, bearded Olof is an unexpected pleasure. She doesn't normally date men with kids, but this cinnamon roll is irresistible.
Olof's been on paternity leave for over a year, but with Annika behind him, he's finally ready to move forward.

If you'd like something a little more long-term, here are two more Swedes to fall in love with.

40-Love by Olivia Dade

First of all, how gorgeous is that cover?

It kicks off with a very cute meet-cute. I love a vacation romance, but Olivia Dade manages to add big relationship conversations and important emotional work to the breezy beach setting. I loved the depth of Lucas's character. It would be easy to make the 26-year-old tennis pro into a hot caricature, but he's more than that, and watching him realize that was one of the greatest parts of the story. The author is married to a Swede and lives in Sweden, and the little details really shone. The heat level is STEAMY, and this was one of my favorite books of the year! It hit all the right notes for me. Age-gap romance with an older plus-sized heroine, a little bit of hurt-comfort, all the boob jokes you could ask for. So funny, and the banter volleyed back and forth effortlessly. This is the second in the series, but totally holds up as a standalone.

★★★★★ from me.


All In by Simona Ahrndstedt

Written originally in Swedish and translated, this contemporary romance is enemies-to-lovers with two rival wealthy MCs, one the scion of old nobility, the other a self-made millionaire venture capitalist with designs on the heroine's family business. Scheming, hot, and stylish. Lots of complicated family dynamics and thoughts of the role of women in modern Sweden.

Big Trigger Warnings for sexual assault as a plot point, which is why I have not yet read it myself, but Smart Bitches, Trashy Books gives this one an A rating.

That said, if you want a Lady Billionaire without all the triggers, try Alisha Rai's A Gentleman in the Street.



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